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Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine
Side Sealing Sachet Packaging Machine
The small packaging machine can finish automatically measuring, bagging, filling, sealing, cutting, printing code and cutting easy tearing notches.
Bag length controlled by PLC or photo mark, easily and time saving.
The simple and reliable driven system, low rate maintenance. We can promise that one team of only 2-3 experienced stuff can operate 5-10 machines at the same time.
Quality Mitsubishi PLC and 7" colorful touch screen control whole machine.
The independent PID sealing temperature controller, more easily suitable for many different package material.
The individual rotary cutter can save most of the cutter adjusting time.
The sachet packing machine with the volumetric cups is suitable to Package the dry and loose Granule foodstuff and chemicals, such as chili powder, spice, piper powder, sugar, tea powder, seeds, seasoning powder, fruit juice powder, cereal, oat meal, instant coffee, instant drink mix, soup mix, desiccant, detergent powder, condiments, etc.
Packaging materials the sugar packing machine can use: generally, the heat sealable laminates film, such as PET/PE, BOPP/PE, Aluminum/PE, Paper/PE, Polester/Plated aluminum/PE, Nylon/PE, Nylon/CPP/PE, etc .
Optional bag types the sugar packet packing machine can supply for the user to choose: three side sachet, four side sachet, chain bag/linked bag.
Optional devices or function this small pouch packing machine: ribbon printer, former vibrator, zigzag cutter, chain bag cutter , easy tear notch cutter.
The main technical parameters of the sugar sachet machine
Measuring   range5- 100ml (unadjustable cups for 5ml or less)
Measuring   deviceVolumetric cup filler
Packaging   Speed30- 70 sachet/min
Bag   typeThree side sachet/ four side sachet
Cutter   typeGeneral plain cutter
Bag   sizeL 20-160mmW15-110mm
Film   WidthMax 220mm
ControlPLC + English interface
Power1Phase,50Hz ,AC 220V/2.0KW
Weight255kgVertical Form Fill Seal Machine

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