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Home Planetarium Star Projector Review 2020
Buying a home planetarium can cost a lot or cost less. It depends on your needs. Here are the factors to consider when selecting a star projector.
Most star projectors come with a price tag of between $30 and $150.
The material your star projector is made of is an important deciding factor especially if you are buying a projector for your kids. Make sure you find something that is suitable for young kids. The outer casing of most projectors is made of plastic but there are many grades of plastic available out there.
Basic Functions
Depending on where you want to use the projector, ease of use and intuitive design are features that might come in handy. Clear labeling and buttons that are backlit are great options especially if you want a star projector for kids’ bedroom.
Products that are easy to set up and operate are usually preferred by a lot of people out there. However, some advanced-level products might be a little difficult to operate. Children would require adult assistance in order to operate these projectors.
Power Source
For some people, this is an important factor to consider because at times the only power supply you can use is the USB cable. Some star projectors can run off batteries and are completely cordless, while others need an AC adaptor.
Types of Projectors
There are models out there for babies and young children that come with more movement and effects and less realistic images. They are only meant for the purpose of entertainment.
Then there are star projectors specially designed for adults that come with many advanced features. They are suitable for those who suffer from sleeplessness and want something that will help them fall asleep. These projectors are capable of offering a soothing and relaxing ambiance in any bedroom.

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