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Emergency Rooms clinics.
Emergency Rooms clinics are often called accident and emergency departments. They specialize in urgent care and treat patients without an appointment. Many are self-transported, but if you don't have transportation, you can call an ambulance or call 911. They are not covered by Medicare, so they are generally more expensive than other medical facilities. A visit to an emergency room is vital, especially if you have a serious illness or injury.

Historically, patients had two choices when they had a sudden medical problem: paying a reasonable doctor's visit fee or incurring a hefty bill at the emergency room. The number of ER visits increased when most people started getting private employer-provided health insurance. Even patients with insurance were increasingly going to the ERs, which meant that those without coverage faced a huge bill. Fortunately, many savvy health care providers saw an opportunity to create drop-in clinics that would provide sound medical care.

Before the swine flu pandemic, patients had two options: paying for a reasonable doctor's visit or incurring a large bill at the emergency room. Thankfully, this practice has been greatly reduced since the introduction of private employer medical insurance. This influx in ER visits has increased the number of uninsured patients, but the problem still exists: they are still uninsured. This situation created an opportunity for savvy providers to start their own drop-in clinics where they could provide sound medical care at a lower cost.

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